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Intradistrict Open Enrollment Transfer

Intradistrict Open Enrollment - AR 5116.1

Pursuant to Board Policy 5116, the District does not have traditional attendance areas drawn by geographic boundaries.  However, for the purposes of intradistrict open enrollment as described by California Education Code section 36150.5, the attendance area of each school is established by the process set forth in AR 5116.  Once a student is assigned to a school pursuant to that process, he or she resides within that “attendance area” for the purposes of BP 5116.1 and AR 5116.1. 

Except for transfers for victims of a violent crime the following procedures shall apply to intradistrict open enrollment:

1. The parents/guardians of a student who resides within district boundaries may apply to enroll their child in any district school, regardless of the location of residence within the district.  However, the following limitations shall apply:

a. Such requests may not displace students already assigned to a particular school through the process described in AR 5116.  Therefore, absent urgent circumstances, such transfer requests may only be afforded when space exists at the school of choice. 

b. Students residing with caregivers but whose parents/guardians reside within the district will be assigned to school based upon the attendance area of the parents'/guardians' residence.

c. Transfer requests for Special Education students will be approved subject to a review of the student’s IEP and contingent upon the capacity in the existing program and/or the availability of a specific program at the requested school.




Transfer Process

  • Applications to transfer to a particular school will be available at the District Office approximately 4 weeks before the start of the fall semester. All applications must be received by the District office by the date specified on the application form, usually 2 weeks before the start of the fall semester. THIS IS NOT A FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED SYSTEM AND THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE TO TURNING YOUR FORM IN EARLY.

  • Approximately one (1) week before the start of the fall semester, the District will determine the amount of spaces, if any, available at each school site.

  • After the enrollment priorities have been applied in accordance with Board Policy 5116.1, if there are more requests for a particular school than there are spaces available, a random drawing shall be held from the applicant pool. A waiting list shall be established based on the drawing’s results to indicate the order in which applicants may be accepted if more openings occur. Students requesting a transfer to their first closest school shall remain on the waiting list until a transfer option is offered, the student enters middle school, or the student disenrolls from the BRSSD. Students requesting a transfer to a school that is not their first closest school shall remain on the waiting list until April 30 of the current school year. After that date, the waiting list will be deleted and any students who still wish to transfer are required to submit another Intradistrict Transfer form the following school year.

  • The Superintendent or designee shall provide notification to applicants as to whether their applications have been approved, denied, or placed on a waiting list.

  • Approved applicants must confirm their enrollment within 10 school days.

  • Once a student is assigned to a school pursuant to this process, he or she resides within that “attendance area” for the purposes of this BP 5116.1 and AR 5116.1 and such student shall not be required to reapply for readmission in subsequent years.

  • The time lines and procedures set forth in this regulation are subject to reasonable change by the Superintendent due to unforeseen circumstances.

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