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Measure I-14 Citizens' Oversight Committee

Background Information

Proposition 39 Bond Election

On November 4, 2014, voters residing within the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District passed Measure I.  Measure I is a $48,000,000 bond measure that authorizes funding for needed repairs, upgrades, and new construction projects to the District’s schools. Proposition 39 required a 55% supermajority for approval; Measure I was passed by 63.25%.


Establishment of a Citizens’ Oversight Committee

After a bond authorized under Proposition 39 is passed, state law requires that the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Board appoint an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee to work with the District.


Committee Responsibilities   

In accordance with Education Code Section 15278(b), the Citizens’ Oversight Committee shall:

  • Inform the public concerning the District's expenditure of Measure I bond proceeds;
  • Review expenditure reports produced by the District to ensure that Measure I bond proceeds were expended only for the purposes set forth in Measure I; and
  • Present to the Board in public session, an annual written report outlining their activities and conclusions regarding the expenditure of Measure I bond proceeds.

The Bylaws provide more detailed information about Committee responsibilities.


Time Commitment and Term

Committee members are appointed to serve one full two-year term.  Members are eligible for reappointment by the Board for a second and third two-year term.


Would you be Interested in Serving?

If you wish to serve on this important committee, please review the Committee Bylaws for more information about the Committee’s role and responsibilities and complete the Application. Completed applications should be sent to the Superintendent’s Office of the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District.



For additional information regarding this application, please contact the District’s Chief Business Official, Craig Goldman, at or 650-637-4800 ext. 1050.



Committee Information