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The BEST Program is a related service to support placement and progress of students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Referrals are made through the IEP process by IEP team recommendation.


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Maria Lang-Gavidia

Director of Special Programs

(650)637-4800 X1006

Behavior and Education Support Therapy (BEST)

Program Description

Early Intervention for any difficulties/challenges in a child’s development is critical for school success. Behavior and Education Support Therapy (BEST) is an intensive school readiness program offered by the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District to students with social, emotional, behavioral, and language skill delays. The focus of the BEST program in the classroom and therapy room is to facilitate development of specific skills identified through an evaluation of the child, and in the child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

BEST Therapists

A master level therapist who has been trained in a variety of behavior and clinical intervention methodologies including but not limited to: applied behavior analysis, discrete trial training, pivotal response training, cognitive behavior therapy, and emotion/sensory regulation training.

BEST Program Services


  • Individual behavior therapy in and outside of the classroom
    (i.e., push in vs. pull out);
  • Emotion regulation training with visual support;
  • Collaboration and co-treatment with various disciplines such as speech and language and occupational therapists;
  • Customized sensory regulation diets such as energy breaks, impulsivity training, and specific tools to be utilized to optimize learning time;
  • Parent training and coaching;
  • Teacher/team consultation, education and coaching;
  • Social skills training including social stories, social rules, and behavior mapping supported by empirically validated and evidenced based curriculum;
  • Play facilitation;
  • Develop and implement classroom behavior plans and strategies

Evaluation Process

Formal or informal assessments guide the level of service recommended for a student on a case by case basis.  The following areas are evaluated depending upon the needs of the student: social, emotional, and behavioral domains.