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School Accountability Report Cards (SARC)

Public schools throughout California are required to provide information to the community in the form of an annual School Accountability Report Card (SARC). These report cards provide a variety of data to allow the public to evaluate and compare schools in seven major areas:

  • demographic information
  • school safety and climate for learning
  • academic data
  • class size
  • teacher and staff information
  • curriculum and instruction
  • fiscal and expenditure data

Following state guidelines, the report cards, issued each spring, focus on the previous academic year.

You may request a paper copy of a SARC report from any school office, the District Office or by downloading it off this website. If you have questions about the information contained in the SARC or would like additional information about the school, please contact the principal. We invite you as parents and community members to become partners with us as we strive to provide a quality education for all. More information about SARC requirements is available at the SARC Web site.



2014-2015 School Accountability Report Cards

2011-2012 School Accountability Report Cards

2010-2011 School Accountability Report Cards