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21st Century Learning Task Force

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21st Century Learning Task Force


District Vision Statement:
The schools of the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District
will be innovative and vibrant centers of 21st Century learning.



The 21st Century Learning Task Force is charged with developing a comprehensive plan of action for the BRSSD to provide forward-looking, innovative, collaborative learning spaces for students and staff.  The task force will recommend learning environments for the near future, assess Common Core readiness, determine professional development support structures, and propose K-8 priorities to implement 21st Century teaching and learning.


Administrators and teacher leaders from all sites will work together to create a shared vision and direction for the BRSSD.  This group will be dynamic and flexible in terms of projects, time, and composition.  The task force will meet at specified times for specific, targeted work.  As needed, additional individuals will join the team, again for targeted work and for a limited time.  The 21st Century Learning team will be action-oriented, with clear goals and outcomes.

First Task – March & April

Areas of Focus:

A clear vision for 21st century learning in the BRSSD

  • What skills and traits will be needed for success in college and career? 

Basic classroom technology for 21st century learning:

  • What technology should be in every K-5 and Gr 6-8 classroom?
  • What devices should be deployed and supported?
  • What interactive teaching spaces will work best for our classroom environments?

Student interventions:

  • What services should we adopt throughout the district to meet student needs
    in the areas of literacy, mathematics, and ELD support?

Time:  One release day for a full-day retreat, followed by no more than three afternoon meetings.  Retreat date will be pre-determined for early March, and the task force will set its follow-up dates and times.  All work to be completed by the end of April.

Task Force Membership:

Seven teacher leaders, one per school, will join three district administrators and five site administrators.  Interested teachers should contact their principals by February 28.


Support Materials:

The task force will be guided by:

Requests for additional information should be directed to site principals or Jennifer Kollmann, Director of Educational Services.